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I am Jeff Kuck and I am going to college at BYU. I just got back from serving a mission in Montana for my church. I am from Milton, GA. I love music, listening to it playing it whatever. I play 11 instruments, ukulele, baritone ukulele, guitar, charango, pan flute, euphonium, trumpet, tuba, trombone, piano, and harmonica. I enjoy all sports, but I love golf.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Murmur not!

Today I was reading in Exodus 13-17. You know, the children of Israel murmur against Moses a lot. The first time they do it is when the Egyptians are coming. They turn to Moses and say, You should have left us alone. Now we are going to die in the wilderness. Then Moses parts the Red Sea, and after the children of Israel cross brings the seas back together on top of the Egyptians. Then they are thirsty and they start to complain and murmur again so Moses purifies the water with a tree. Then they are hungry and complain again. Then the Lord provides manna and quail. Then they are thirsty again so the Lord provides water out of a stone. All of this was done that the children of Israel would know that he is God. And that Moses is his prophet. Man you should just trust the prophet. We in our own lives ask the why before we know the what. We should not do that. I know that this principle of obedience is an eternal principle.

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